Tim will go in for his next chemo round either Monday or Tuesday. We will wait to get the call from the hospital when a room & the chemo nurses are setup. It’s a 4-day chemo regimen, but they might keep him at least 5-6 days. (Chemo cocktail is ICE with Valcade).

Once Tim’s home, he’ll do Valcade chemo twice a week at his oncologist’s office. Then after his body bounces back from the chemo then he’ll go for his next chemo round at the hosptial.

His oncologist said that these next few chemo sessions might be tough on Tim, since he’s been thru different chemo regimens this past year. So, please keep sending your prayers these next few months that Tim will stay strong through these treatments.

My mom flew into town last week and is here until Thursday. It’s been great help having her here with us. She’s been so stoked to be in the Cali sunshine and see trees and grass – as the weather in New Jersey is frozen tundra. Needless to say, we didn’t need twist her arm to fly out here. Between the time that Tim’s folks left and she came, we had great support & help from Eric, Angela & Alison too.

Thanks everyone for all your prayers and love.
Michelle & Tim