Tim’s biggest wish before starting any new treatment is to escape and take a short vacation. We bought a used Casita travel trailer – a cute lil home on wheels about 2 weeks ago. This has been a wish of Tim’s since he was diagnosed. His brother and him actually drove 8+ hours to Arizona to buy one and then found out the lady selling it lied about half the stuff she promised on the phone and on her craigslist posting. Luckily a few days later, Tim found another one, from a nice retired man who was buying a bigger trailer.

Say hello to Etta the Egg. (named after Tim’s nana). She’s a fiberglass, lightweight trailer and has a small kitchen with 2-burner stove, good-size fridge and freezer, small bathroom with toilet and shower and cozy enough for the two of us and Oliver (and perhaps a lil kiddo if and when the time comes!)

We’d like to head up to Santa Cruz—to camp in the tall, towering redwoods and sample the abundance of organic produce and whole foods. Though, whenever Tim is released and recovered fully to travel, he’ll decide how far and where we’ll cruise and camp.

This series of photos were taken in earlier this winter near the Point Loma Cabrillo monument. Tim purchased a new set of sweet binoculars from Cabela’s (with all the cool stuff he’s bought from their site and “bargain cave” he deserves to be on their VIP list!) and we went whalewatching. We saw about 5-6 whales and it was spectacular. Free entertainment (not including the entry fee into Cabrillo monument park) on a crisp winter day. I love these photos, as it was so invigorating for us to get out of the house, do something fun, and  Tim was feeling pretty good.

I look forward to taking our Casita on the road and seeing Tim strong and enjoying life again like this.