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This blog is for our family, friends and others who want to stay in the loop on what’s going on with Tim. Michelle (his wife) came up with the idea, Tim came up with the name and our friends AJ and Dylan did the real magic!

Tim is a genuine, creative control freak with a sense of adventure – from cooking in the kitchen honing his culinary talents to cruising on the PCH (Pacific Coast Hwy) on his motorcycle, he’s always been active and in the moment. I’m the laid-back perfectionist. A creative workaholic that craves beautiful typography and design. We crave adventure, travel and food, but our favorite is spending time with our dog Oliver, who can fetch tennis balls at lightening fast speed!

Though, the past year and a half our easy-going beach lifestyle hit a sharp turn, and has been a complete roller coaster. Tim underwent 2 major Crohn’s surgeries last summer and in January 2010 he was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma. And in June, after being in and out of the hospital so much already, we were numb to hear that the lymphoma had come back and that more hospitalization and an intense treatment was necessary to combat this/these diseases. Doctors want to treat his aggressive condition with a allogenic stem cell transplant. This treatment is scary for us, but we know that its our best and only option.

So, we are leaving the next steps up to the amazing nurses, doctors and God. We have an incredible network of support and love, as well as our faith to forge ahead these next months and kick some cancer ashhh!

We thank you for keeping us in your prayers and for all your help and support. We can’t do this without you!