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December 2009 – Tim had a tennis ball size enlargement on his neck that suddenly appeared. He underwent a bunch of tests to determine what it was.

January 2010 – Tim was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma.

January – March 2010 – After each of the first 3 chemo session (he had 6 total chemo sessions), Tim was in the hospital for about 2-8 days due to intense side effects and weakened immune system from the chemo and how it stirred up his Crohn’s.

April 2010 – Tests revealed that Tim was clear of lymphoma.

June 2010 – Tests revealed that lymphoma was back and his oncologist recommended a stem cell transplant was necessary to combat the lymphoma and could possibly cure the Crohn’s.

June 2010 – Went to City of Hope for second opinion on treatment, and they suggested to start chemo immediately to manage his lymphoma while they find a donor match for stem transplant.

August 2010 – Tim was admitted to the ER due to shortness of breath and severe chest pains. The CT scan revealed that the lymphoma was growing and that they needed to change the chemo they had been administering, and switch to a more aggressive chemo cocktail. We also found out that his sister and brother WERE NOT a stem cell donor match. So City of Hope was going to search the national & worldwide donor bank to find a match.

August – September 2010 – Tim stayed in the hospital during chemo sessions, due to the aggressive treatment due to intense side effects and weakend immune system from the chemo.

October 2010 – City of Hope found a 10-out of 10 donor match for his stem cell transplant. Tim’s stem cell donor is 26 years old and has similar blood type to Tim’s.

November 2010 – *UPDATED* Found out that Tim’s stem cell transplant has to be postponed until Tim’s lymphoma is in remission, as his lymphoma got worse. His oncologist is concerned, and changed his chemo regimen to ICE with Valcade.

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